Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pillow Top background Tutorial

Pillow Top background Tutorial

 With a little  Bling    -    of course

You will need:

4 1/2" x 6"  card stock
1/2" x 8"  HD Card Stock
pencil - I used marker in order to demonstrate clearly
stamp pad - I used marina Mist from StampIn Up
Liquid Pearl

Using pencil mark from corner to corner using 1/2" guideline.  Move guideline back 1/2" and mark next line until the card is marked as the next photo shows

Next begin on the opposite corners and mark the card stock as below.

Mine looks a little messy because I am using the marker - all of the edges will be covered in the final background.  When using a pencil they will not be as bold and you can erase if you mess up.

using a piece of scrap paper as your guide, position on the middle line or slightly below to ensure your pencil line is covered.  Daub sponge in ink pad and color evenly at the edge of the scrap paper and your background paper, cover evenly.  When you pull the scrap paper away you should have a clean line.

Continue to move your scrap paper to each line and add the color - make sure you continue in the same pattern the entire way across.

Continue until all of the lines are colored as above.  Next turn your card stock the opposite direction and using your scrap paper and guidelines to color as below

Using your stamp pad color around the edges to darken - This will make your background POP

 For extra effect I used the edge of the stamp pad to add a few extra lines - This is for more advanced stampers.  For beginners skip this step

Using the liquid Pearls apply a dot on each crossing point as  shown below  - The additional lines I added make it a little difficult for me to line up the pearl dots

Continue until you have pearl on each cross section or you can add your other trim and apply the dots only on the area that is not covered.

Trim and decorate as desired - I used Stamping Up Stamp set Christmas Deer

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial - here are a few more using the same technique with different colors

 Stampin Up Soft Suede
 Stampin Up Concord Crush

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